Regular Meeting on February 8, 2018

Attendance: Increase in first-time attendees; NCPCA Officers; Prince Georges County District 1 Councilmember Mary Lehman; College Park District 1 Councilmembers Kabir and Kennedy; Former College Park Councilmember Nagle.

Meeting was called to order by President John Krouse at 7:30 pm.

January 2018 Minutes were approved with no amendments.

President Krouse provided an update on recent construction activity in Hollywood Park, which is under the control of M-NCPPC. The backstop of the small softball field has been removed. NCPCA previously recommended that the small softball field be converted to allow shared space for soccer and cricket.

Former NCPCA President Larry Bleau presented information on the Federal Government Tax Overhaul providing pertinent information on income tax changes.

Councilmember Kabir presented an updated on the proposed New Dog Park, where location is to be determined.

Councilmember Kennedy clarified the proposed new Amendments to the City Charter, emphasizing the Mayor’s role as part of the legislative body and can only vote to break a tie.

Councilmember Kabir presented an update on the City Budget, requesting input for new ideas by the end of February 2018. An attendee suggested College Park has their own Police Force.

Councilmember Kabir presented an update on the Maryland State Highway study of US 1, emphasizing the gridlock problem at US 1 & Edgewood Road.

PG Councilmember Lehman presented an update on the proposed bike lanes for Rhode Island Avenue, with a formal discussion scheduled for February 21 at Davis Hall.

PG Councilmember Lehman presented an update on the MAGLEV project, with a formal hearing scheduled for February 24 at Deerwood Elementary School.

Former Councilmember Nagle presented an update on the proposed New Community Center in North College Park, emphasizing the benefits the Center will have for our youths.

General Announcements:

  • Chief-On-The-Go scheduled for February 9 at IKEA.
  • Young Adult Citizen’s Policy Academy recruiting 18-25 year olds.
  • Go-Fund-Me proposal for our longstanding resident, Art Silver.

NCPCA Officer Reports:

  • A board meeting was held on February 5. Discussion included the need for new member outreach, and a special event is proposed before June 2018.
  • NCPCA website is active and has much detail.
  • ·NCPCA account currently at $1171.74.

March 2018 Agenda Items to include more discussion on the Gridlock at US1 and Edgewood Road, and Rhode Island Avenue traffic in general.

There was Motion to continue the meeting beyond 9:30 PM.

Meeting adjourned at 9:39 PM.