Regular Meeting on August 9, 2018

Meeting started at 7:30 pm.  Approximately 25 members and guests were in attendance, including Councilmembers Fazlul Kabir, Kate Kennedy and Denise Mitchell.

Hollywood Park.  John Krouse discussed an increase in destructive night activity that is worsening the neighborhood.  Lt Waters is involved and Contract Police Officers have been asked to increase their presence to help curtail inappropriate behaviors. Park Police are already assigned to monitor the area. To request Park Police assistance at any time, individuals may call their non-emergency number @ 301.459.9088.

NCPCA Community Picnic. Marcia Booth reported it has been difficult to recruit volunteers to help plan the Picnic.  In light of this problem, planning for a picnic has been moved to the spring of 2019.  NCPCA can receive $500 from the City of College Park to help fund the picnic.

College Park Meals on Wheels.  Lisa Ealley, Chair of College Park Meals on Wheels located at College Park United Methodist Church presented its history and outreach to the Community since 1974.  Discussion followed, which included the “gift of giving” as a volunteer. Recipients receive 3 meals/day, @ $5/day, and the meals are adjusted for dietary needs. Meals on Wheels is a non-profit organization and donations are welcome.  Individuals interested in volunteering, or being a recipient, are invited to call 301.474.1002.

 Legal Services for Zoning Review. Due to the rapid development of the County’s rezoning efforts, Judy Blumenthal made the following motion, which passed unanimously:

I move that the officers of NCPCA be empowered to obtain the services a pro bono attorney to identify risks and benefits that may be posed to our community by the proposed Prince George’s County Zoning Ordinance and any zoning map that may be developed from it, and that the officers be authorized to reimburse expenses incurred by the attorney for materials, etc. up to a maximum of $300 until December 31, 2018.

Community Center.  The purpose of the Community Center is for all individuals of all ages to have a place to gather and socialize, along with structured activities. There was much discussion on whether the County Council earmarked $50K for the Community Center. Councilmember Kennedy provided a summary of her concerns (see separate attachment) and Councilmember Kabir provided the following clarification:

The use of the $50,000 provided by M-NCPPC is to fund the Seniors Social Coordinator position, which leaves most of the previously allocated city dollars for the position yet unused. Staff is in the process of hiring the Seniors Social Coordinator, increasing the Center’s hours and activities and locating space for the Coordinator/Admin Assistant.   As a result of these initiatives, staff anticipates an increase in senior interest and involvement in the Social Center.  City funds are being used for these purposes and which may include some of the city funds that had been allocated for personnel. Once this has been in operation for several months, it will be possible for the Council to evaluate the results of these initiatives and use of the remaining funds can then be determined.

Development Updates. Councilmember Kabir presented the following updates:

  • Hollywood Dog Park: Plan to be ready by this fall, 2018.
  • Hollywood Gateway Park: Pavilion construction materials are ordered and construction will begin soon.
  • Hollywood Commercial District Streetscape Project: To begin end of 2018.

Treasury Report.  Tabled until September meeting.


  • The Mayor and Council committed 8 violations of Maryland’s Open Meetings Act. There is no penalty assigned to the violations.  Information is provided at .
  • City Charter discussion will be on the September agenda of the City Council. NCPCA will discuss on Sept. 13.
  • August 11 & 12. College Park Aviation Campus will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the S. Post Office launch of Airmail Service at College Park Airport, which is the world’s oldest continuously operating airport.

 Meeting adjourned at 9:30 PM.