Regular Meeting on June 13, 2019

North College Park Community Association
June 13, 2019 – Regular Meeting at Davis Hall

Attendance included Mayor Patrick Wojhan; Councilmembers Fazlul Kabir, Kate Kennedy; Guests: Laurie Lemieux (Proteus Bicycles); Ashanti Martinez (Office of Council Member Tom Dernoga); Maryland Department of Transportation, State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA); Citizens Against Beltway Expansion (CABE)

Meeting called to order at 7:30 pm.

Agenda approved. April and May 2019 Minutes Approved.

Proteus Bicycle. Laurie Lemieux, Co-owner and President, presented the history and mission of Proteus Bicycles, located at 9287 Rhode Island Avenue, the former Mom’s location in Hollywood Shopping Center It is a majority women’s owned business and does community outreach such as bike rides. Website:

MDOT SHA. Representatives presented a “Traffic Relief Plan” about the proposed beltway widening; in particular its impact on Hollywood and Sunnyside. Discussion included the serious impact on homes, property, parks and green space in North College Park including Odessa Road, Niagara Road, Ontario Road, and in the wooded area between 52nd Place and Al Huda School along Edgewood Road.  In total, as many as 45 homes in North College Park may be at risk, and many other residents may be subject to increased noise and pollution.

As of this meeting, property value likely to decrease substantially.

MDOT SHA proposal @

NCPCA Officer Elections. Motion to approve new officers passed. 2019-2020 officers are: President, Mary Cook; Vice President, Carol Macknis; Treasurer, Jordan Schakner; Secretary, John Krouse

New City Hall.  Jordan made a motion for NCPCA to support a referendum on spending for the New City Hall, followed by discussion, passed with 2 opposed.

NOTE: It was determined later that the two votes opposing the motion were made by non-members.

Military Helicopters. Stasia Hutchinson brought up issue of military helicopters overhead, noise and illegality. Motion to write a letter to College Park Airport on the matter passed with 1 opposed

NCPCA Meetings. Motion to have NCPCA meetings in July passed, An August meeting will be determined at the July meeting.


  • Mayor Wojahn gave information on City composting and free city parking Saturdays and Sundays, June-Aug.
  • Carol stated that Community-Police Meetings will pause and then re-start in Aug.
  • Proteus Bicycle will have a pot-luck dinner June 20th

Motion by Mary Cook to extend meeting, approved.