Agenda – April 11, 2019

Agenda Times & Topics are subject to change.  Draft minutes of the March 14, 2019 NCPCA meeting will be distributed at the meeting and may also be posted at

7:30 – Call to Order and urgent announcements regarding conduct of meeting, followed by motion to approve the agenda with any changes this evening.

7:35 – Legislative Wrap-up.  Sen. Jim Rosapepe and Delegates of the Maryland’s 21st Delegation will be visiting with us tonight to present news about this year’s legislative session.

8:00 – City Response to NCPCA Community Center Letter.  The NCPCA letter to Sen. Rosapepe and the City’s response to Sen. Rosapepe will be reviewed.  Questions and discussion with members of the 21st Delegation will follow.

8:30 – Break & Refreshments.  Members are always welcome to bring something to share, while all of us enjoy a quick break.

8:40 – Chick-Fil-A Development Plans.  A proposal for a large restaurant with drive-in lanes near the College Park Veterans Memorial at US 1 and MD 193 Greenbelt Road will be reviewed.  Motion for NCPCA resolution regarding this project is likely afterward questions and answers.

 9:00 – City Budget.  NCPCA priorities were sent to Mayor & Council, and discussions are now underway.  Councilmembers Kabir and Mitchell are hosting a Budget Town Hall Meeting at Davis Hall, Friday April 12, from 7:00 to 9:00 pm.  Tonight would be an ideal time for recap and clarification of our concerns.

9:10 – Approval of Minutes, Officers Reports, Nomination Committee Report  Minutes of our March 14 meeting will be approved, and NCPCA Officers will provide reports.  Would you like to serve as President, Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer?  Please let Mary Cook know.  Elections are June 13.

Reminder:  NCPCA Dues of $10 must be paid by June 13 to vote for NCPCA officers.

9:15 – Announcements.  Elected officials, members and guests will make announcements of activities and upcoming events of interest.

9:20 – New Business by motion of members, followed by call for new topics for discussion tonight, or for discussion at our next meeting on May 9, as time allows.  This is your opportunity to bring up topics of concern and possible action.

9:30 – Motion to continue our meeting will be in order, otherwise we adjourn at 9:30 and exit the building by 9:45 pm.