Agenda – January 10, 2019

Agenda Times & Topics are subject to change.  Draft minutes of the December 13, 2018 NCPCA meeting will be distributed at the meeting and may also be posted at

7:30 – Call to Order and urgent announcements regarding conduct of meeting, followed by motion to approve the agenda with any changes this evening.

7:35 – NCPCA City Budget Priorities Forum. The City Council will soon develop its budget for the next fiscal year.  Please bring your questions and concerns about things that should be priorities for our neighborhood.  NCPCA will formalize a set of recommendations in February.

8:15 – NCPCA Picnic Update. Marci Booth will present the latest information about planning for a picnic event in Spring 2019.

8:20 – P.G. Zoning Code Rewrite Update Judy Blumenthal and John Krouse will present information about NCPCA efforts to understand the new zoning code and any changes that should be pursued under advisement of our legal counsel.

8:25 – Duvall Field Focus Group. John Krouse was asked to serve on a focus group, and a public forum is scheduled at Davis Hall on January 17 from 7:00 to 8:30 pm.  Your concerns are welcome now.

8:30 – Break & Refreshments. Members are always welcome to bring something to share while all of us enjoy a quick break.

8:40 – NCPCA Bylaws Forum. Please refer to bylaws at The following proposals and any others will be discussed for introduction at our February meeting:

  1. Article 1 Name. Propose continuation of name of NCPCA as North College Park Community Association for all public purposes, and retain name of North College Park Citizens Association for incorporation and tax purposes.
  2. Article IV Membership Section 3 Dues. Propose elimination of text related to mailing costs.  With this change, NCPCA will no longer mail agenda and minutes to members or charge different dues.
  3. Article V Meeting Section 5 Quorum. Propose quorum as a meeting of at least seven NCPCA members.
  4. Dues Increase.Propose dues increase to $10 per person for all members will be effective beginning June 1.

9:10 – Approval of Minutes, Officers Reports. Minutes of our December 13 meeting will be approved, and NCPCA Officers will provide reports.

9:15 – Announcements. Elected officials, members and guests will make announcements of activities and upcoming events of interest.

9:20 – New Business by motion of members, followed by call for new topics for discussion tonight, or for discussion at our next meeting on February 14 as time allows.  This is your opportunity to bring up topics of concern and possible action.

9:30 – Motion to continue meeting will be in order, otherwise we adjourn at 9:30 and exit the building by 9:45 pm.