Regular Meeting on December 12, 2019

North College Park Community Association
December 12, 2019 – Regular Meeting at Davis Hall

Attendance.  Included Ben Ross, Chairman of Md. Transit Advocacy Org.; Mary Lehman, Delegate, D-21 Maryland General Assembly; City Councilmembers Fazlul Kabir, Kate Kennedy, Maria Mackie; and Mayor Patrick Wojahn.

Meeting.   Called to order at 7:34 pm; pledge recited.

Agenda.   Approved without amendment.

November 14 Minutes.   Motion by Ellen Caswell, second by Carol Macknis, approved without amendment, but it appears per Councilmember Kabir that US 1 Shoppers Food Warehouse may not be closing.

Officer Reports.   Judy Blumenthal reported about NCPCA pro bono attorney.  Jordan Schakner reported NCPCA treasury is $1,069.  Mary Cook sent a letter to Larry Taub, attorney for Wawa Beltsville.


Cm. Kabir announced MLK event in January; 1st Council meeting is Jan. 7; request by city for no new leaves on street (we need clarification on street leaves vs. curb leaves from city works); reported that County is pushing for a new food store at the Shoppers space if they leave.

Cm. Kennedy announced that Council approved $30K for a newspaper in CP; College Park City University Partnership CPCUP is starting planning and listening session for new projects soon.

Cm Mackie stated that she wants to listen to residents; reported on Maryland Art show in Marriott and Mobile MVA @ Goddard Visitors’ Center.

Carol Macknis reported that 1st Thurs of each month is Police / Resident public meetings at Mom’s;  current concerns are petty crime, premises checks, porch pirates.

Presentation by Ben Ross.   Our statewide transit plan with greater MARC service is less costly than toll lanes.  The plan would help Baltimore, providing subway-like service on Penn Line.  Toll lanes encourage congestion, don’t stop it, $30-$50 tolls are needed to produce profit for firms.  Such lanes are bad for the environment.  P3 plan will pass legislature right to Governor and the BPW.  Updates since June: the contractor can choose its own construction firm after the award of contract, and a private negotiation with MDOT.  Franchot is swing vote on BPW; concerned residents are encouraged to email him.  MDOT admits they have P/L projections on different road segments – BUT these must be made public.  Only Phase 1 can be done under current Governor’s term, no guarantees for the completion of the other phases under subsequent governors.  Send email to Comptroller Peter Franchot at

NCPCA Motion.   By Ellen Caswell for NCPCA to write a letter of opposition to Beltway expansion to Franchot; second by Carol Macknis.  Motion approved.

Del. Lehman Update.   Bag fee proposal needs state legislation approval.  Alcohol Awareness Bill: all venues must have someone with Alcohol Awareness training.  She is sponsoring a bill requiring majority consent by the taxpayers in counties with proposed toll lanes.

Cm. Kennedy Update.   Tree / Landscape proposal on tree canopies; speak with Todd Larsen of the Committee for a Better Environment for information.

Adjourn.   Motion to Adjourn by Ellen Caswell, seconded, approved by members at 8:46 pm.