Regular Meeting on February 13, 2020

North College Park Community Association
February 13, 2020 – Regular Meeting at Davis Hall

Attendance.  Included Mayor Wojahn; City Councilmembers Kabir, Kennedy and Mackie; City Director of Planning Schum; City Engineer Halpern; and 38 others including representatives of WSSC.

Meeting.  Called to order at 7:30 pm by President Mary Cook; pledge recited.

January 9 Minutes were approved unanimously with amendment; motion by Carol Macknis, second by Arelis Péres.

Officer Reports.  Jordan Schakner (absent) reported NCPCA treasury is $1,100.13.

WSSC Muskogee Area Water Main Upgrade.  Ms. Wanpin Lee, (engineer) described an upcoming water main reconstruction project involving ~ 1.3 miles of pipe in the area bounded by 47th Place, Lackawanna Street, Rhode Island Avenue and Mangum Road.  Work will be completed in stages, and will not interrupt gas or electric services.  The project will begin ~ June 2020, and at conclusion all streets will be milled and overlayed with new asphalt pavement.  WSSC will send a copy of the PowerPoint presentation to NCPCA.

Youth & Family Services Director Kiaisha Barber presented information about programs at 4912 and elsewhere in North College Park that provide support to College Park community.  Two brochures were distributed.  Many questions and concerns were related to outreach and programs for seniors.

Finmarc – Lennar – Stone Straw Development.  Larry Taub (attorney) and Marc Solomon (owner) described a proposed townhouse development on property of the former Stone Straw industrial site adjacent to 51st Ave., Davis Hall and College Park Warehouse facility.  The development would include 235 total units of which 117 would be condominium townhomes and 118 would be owner occupied townhomes.  All buildings would be 4 floors tall; 118 units would be back to back; 67 units would be 16 feet wide; and 47 units would be 20 feet wide.  The development would occupy all land areas within the limits of the parcel.  Many questions and discussion were related to traffic and parking impacts on the nearby community.

Adjourn at 9:36 by motion of Arelis Péres and Carol Macknis, with no objection.