Regular Meeting on April 9, 2020

North College Park Community Association
April 9, 2020 –  Regular Meeting by Telephone Conference

Attendance.  Included Mary Cook, Carol Macknis, Jordan Shackner, John Krouse, Lisa Ealley, Arelis Péres, Mayor Wojahn, Councilmember Kabir, Councilmember Kennedy, Councilmember Mitchell, Councilmember Mackie, and several other guests including County Councilmember Dernoga.

Meeting.  Called to order at 7:40 pm by President Mary Cook.

Officers’ Reports. March Meeting was cancelled, thus no minutes to approve.  Treasurer Shackner reported a balance of $1,090.34.  VP Macknis noted the NCPCA website domain registration problem was resolved; she has documented the issue to prevent future complications.

City Budget. Councilmember Kennedy noted that City has at least ½ of operating budget in reserve.

Councilmember Kabir reported significant revenue decline due to pandemic, including losses of hotel and other commercial taxes; UMD ticket admissions taxes; highway user gasoline tax; personal income taxes; and residential property taxes due to lower assessments.

Mayor Wojahn believes that hotel tax loss + UMD admissions tax loss will cause 10% loss of City budget.  Councilmember Mackie is optimistic.  Councilmember Mitchell believes that City is in a good position.  There are no plans to suspend City Hall construction; costs of a halt are not known.

City will likely fund new entrance sign on Metzerott Road; new bus stop facilities on US 1 at Cherry Hill Road and on Rhode Island Avenue; Meals on Wheels budget will increase; a new 1/2 -time senior caseworker will be funded; senior transport program will be extended; City exploring small business assistance due to pandemic closures.

Councilmember Dernoga reported likely major impacts to County budget, but full extent is not clear.  Beltway widening may be much more expensive due to unexpected need to relocate $1 or $2 Billion of WSSC water and sewer infrastructure.

Stone Straw Industrial Property Rezoning.  Councilmember Dernoga reported that zoning changes to enable development of townhouses does not have a clear path forward and seems unlikely at this time.

2020 Census.  Councilmember Dernoga reported that North College Park neighborhoods are among the least responsive in County.  Daniels Park at 30% response rate; Hollywood at 57%.

Monarch Academy at Methodist Church on Rhode Island Avenue.  Councilmember Dernoga reported that the project requires a special exception or zoning text amendment due to the small property size.  Construction is halted.  Discussions underway.

Adjourn at 9:27 by motion of Arelis Péres and Jordan Shackner, with no objection.