Agenda – May 14, 2020

NCPCA – North College Park Community Association
Agenda of Regular Meeting
May 14, 2020 – by Teleconference

Agenda Times & Topics are subject to change.

7:30 Welcome & Introduction of procedures for teleconference.

7:35 NCPCA officer reports — officers will provide reports and the February & April minutes approved.

7:45 City services update — review of available city services.

8:00 Update on 2021 Budget — Q&A for residents to ask their elected officials about the budget.

8:20 Hollywood StreetscapeMOTION: NCPCA supports funding for final design and construction of the Hollywood Streetscape project, and particularly the less costly and most immediately valuable elements of the concept, including the paved walking path, benches, trash cans, street lighting, signs, trees and plantings, and similar improvements that will enhance the area for the benefit of residents and commercial visitors. TO BE FOLLOWED BY DISCUSSION.

8:35 Cherry Hill Rd. beautification — attempts have been made to replace the bollards on Cherry Hill Rd. at Rt. 1. MOTION: NCPCA strongly supports the replacement of the bollards on Cherry Hill Rd. west of Rt. 1 as they are an eyesore and no longer serve their purpose because the majority of them are missing. TO BE FOLLOWED BY DISCUSSION.

8:45 Election of Officers — discussion on how nominations and elections will be conducted.