Minutes of May 14, 2020 Regular Meeting

North College Park Community Association
May 14, 2020 – Regular Meeting by Telephone Conference

Attendance.  Included Mary Cook, Carol Macknis, Jordan Shackner, John Krouse, Lisa Ealley, Judy Blumenthal, Ellen Caswell, Milie Tansill, Arelis Péres, Shirley Kerchner, Kelvin Budd, Dawn Budd, Nikki Pancho, Larry Bleau as well as Mayor Wojahn, Councilmember Kabir, Councilmember Kennedy, Councilmember Mitchell, Councilmember Mackie, and several other guests.

Meeting.  Called to order at 7:34 pm by President Mary Cook.

City Service Update.  Most City services are now restored; bulk trash pickup requires appointment; electronics are being recycled at Davis Hall; County services are not yet fully restored.

City Budget.  There was discussion of the City’s ‘rainy day’ reserve which is required to be ¼ of the anticipated budget. Councilmember Kabir has a budget video link for residents.

Hollywood Streetscape.  NCPCA priorities for the Hollywood Streetscape were discussed, a motion by John Krouse was jointly seconded by Judy Blumenthal and Lisa Ealley, and was approved unanimously:

NCPCA supports funding for final design and construction of the Hollywood Streetscape project, and particularly the less costly and most immediately valuable elements of the concept, including the paved walking path, benches, trash cans, street lighting, signs, trees and plantings, and similar improvements that will enhance the area for the benefit of residents and commercial visitors.

Officers’ Reports.  Treasurer Shackner reported $1,070.28. Vice President Macknis noted the May 5 letter of WSSC to MDOT that indicated proposed Beltway widening could significantly increase cost of water and sewer services to customers.

Meeting Minutes.  February 13 and April 9 NCPCA meeting minutes, moved by Mary Cook with second by Arelis Péres, approved unanimously.

Cherry Hill Road Bollards.  NCPCA will send a letter to request replacement and restoration of bollards in the median near College Park Marketplace. Moved by Mary Cook with second by John Krouse, approved unanimously.

Election of Officers.  Methods to collect dues and vote for officers in case of continued prohibition of meetings at Davis Hall were discussed. Per Larry Bleau, current terms of officers may be continued per Bylaws. NCPCA officers will consider SurveyMonkey, email and other alternatives. Carol Macknis will be assisted by Oscar Gregory to identify nominees, and Larry Bleau may assist with election.

Other Business.  There was discussion of political signs on property of Hollywood Gateway Park; concerns about noisy speeding on Rhode Island Avenue; Memorial Day celebration has been cancelled but signs will be placed.

Adjourn.  Motion by Arelis Péres passed unanimously; meeting adjourned at 8:48 pm.