Minutes of June 11, 2020 Regular Meeting

North College Park Community Association
June 11, 2020 – Regular Meeting by Telephone Conference

Attendance.  Included Carol Macknis, Jordan Shackner, John Krouse, Judy Blumenthal, Lisa Ealley, Ellen Caswell, John Shofner, Annabel Shofner, Dawn Budd, Kelvin Budd, Mayor Wojahn, Councilmember Kabir, Councilmember Kennedy, as well as guests Councilmember Mitchell, Councilmember Mackie, Oscar Gregory, Julie Beavers, Suzie Fantos, Mark Goodson, Michelle Garcia.  President Mary Cook absent.

Meeting called to order at 7:35 pm by Vice President Carol Macknis.

NCPCA Officers Reports.  Carol Macknis announced that NCPCA dues are now due, and options are available for payment by mail; Prince George’s County Transportation Survey is available.  Jordan Shackner reported $1,070.34 in treasury + $50 new dues.

NCPCA Minutes May 14, 2020.  Approved unanimously with no amendments by motion of Ellen Caswell, 2nd by Lisa Ealley.

College Park ‘Here and Now’.  Mark Goodson presented information about the new monthly newspaper delivered via US Mail which launched in May with seed money from City of College Park to complement ‘Hyattsville Life and Times’.  Online version is coming soon.  Mark Goodson, mark@hyattsvillelife.com

Hollywood Farmers Market.  Julie Beavers presented info about 2020 operations under COVID, changes to Bylaws, composition of Board of Directors.  hollywoodmarketcp@gmail.com

NCPCA Elections.  Nominations were received for all positions except Secretary, but voting is not feasible at this time due to requirements of Bylaws.  Officers will continue in their positions, except Secretary.  Discussion of possible voting scenarios, including use of email, Survey Monkey, voting by acclamation, and other methods were discussed.

NCPCA will not formally meet in July, but an informational meeting may be feasible in July or August.  The September meeting will be an official meeting, and will resume the subject of elections, and a vote may be possible then.  The current nominees include:

    President:           Mary Cook
    Vice President:   Carol Macknis
    Secretary:           Ellen Caswell
    Treasurer:           Jordan Shackner

Citizens Against Beltway Expansion (CABE).  Carol Macknis provided update related to draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), which is expected in July.  Hearing will follow 45 days after release.

McMansions.  The new construction at 49th Ave was discussed.  There is concern about size, lot coverage, parking, and two kitchens.  It is unclear whether all construction was legal, and the property is for sale.  A Zoom meeting with concerned residents will be scheduled soon.  City Councilmember Kabir is closely involved, and Prince George’s County Councilmember Dernoga is investigating.

At approximately 9:05 pm Secretary John Krouse was unable to continue with the telemeeting.