Minutes of September 2021 Meeting

North College Park Community Association
September 9, 2021 – Regular Meeting At the VFW and by Zoom

At 7:03 pm there were at 14 members present either in person at the Branchville VFW or via Zoom, and approximately 10 guests and other members attended via Zoom during the course of the meeting. City Councilmembers Kabir, Kennedy, Mitchell and Mackie were present.

President’s Report.  President Mary Cook reported that discussion regarding replacements of median bollards on Cherry Hill Road near US 1 is under way. President Cook reported bank balance of $1,185 in absence of Treasurer Jordan Schakner.

Vice President’s Report.  Vice President Carol Macknis commented about ongoing Maglev train lawsuit as well ongoing opposition to Beltway expansion and need to edit NCPCA website.

Secretary’s Report.  Secretary Ellen Caswell provided minutes of July 8 NCPCA meeting and had no other comments.

NCPCA Elections.  Arelis Pérez and Lisa Ealley served as Nominating Committee and identified the following candidates: Mary Cook* for President; Ellen Caswell* for Vice President; Carol Macknis* and Dylan Burns for Treasurer. A nominee for Secretary was identified but later withdrew and no candidate for Secretary was nominated for election at this time.

Voting will be online using ‘Election Buddy’ from 5 pm to 12:00 midnight today. Arelis and Lisa will serve as judges.The candidates spoke about their experience and why they are running for office. Update: On Sept. 10, President Cook confirmed that candidates noted with asterisk (*) above were elected to NCPCA office.

NCPCA Candidates Forum.  Mark Goodson and Kelsey Ward of the newspaper ‘College Park Here and Now’ spoke about ideas for hosting a City election candidate’s forum in cooperation with NCPCA and streaming via Facebook Live. NCPCA includes City District 1 and parts of 2 and 4. No decision was made about a joint effort of the format of the forum. The NCPCA Board of Directors will discuss and develop plans for the forum.

Prince George’s County Zoning Map Amendment. President Cook presented a PowerPoint provided by Prince George’s County. There was discussion about development intensity, traffic, public safety, building heights and other factors which the zoning map would identify and allow. NCPCA attorney Bridgett Simmons presented information about the legislative history and intent of the new zoning code and map amendment. Greg Smith presented concerns about Maryland HB 940 and ethics related to campaign contributions from developers to County Councilmembers. John Krouse moved the following resolution, seconded by Arelis Pérez:

I move that NCPCA oppose adoption of the zoning map amendment because the proposed zoning types along US 1 and Rhode Island Avenue are inconsistent with nearby single family homes, are too intensive, and will negatively impact the quality of life of the North College Park community.

The motion passed unanimously with no abstentions. President Cook will send the resolution via NCPCA letter to City of College Park, Prince George’s County Council, County Planning Board, and as testimony in the upcoming public hearing for the zoning map amendment. There was additional discussion about NCPCA members attending the hearing or sending comments.

Adjourn.  The meeting concluded at 8:54 pm due to need to vacate the building.

Minutes recorded by John Krouse.