Regular Meeting on August 3, 2017

North College Park Community Association (NCPCA) Meeting

August 3, 2017, Davis Hall, College Park, Maryland

Meeting was called to order by President John Krouse at 7:35 pm (rain delay).

Minutes of June 8 NCPCA Meeting were approved.

Tonight is a special joint meeting with the West College Park Citizens Association, Suchitra Balachandran, President.

Approximately 33 attendees including the two Association Presidents and the following public officials: Mayor Wojahn, Council Members Nagle, Kabir, Cook, Kujawa, and former County Councilmember Tom Dernoga.

Primary objective of the joint meeting was to allow for an open forum regarding the City of College Park Council’s Charter Amendment, which was established in 1955 and does not reflect current residency, and to discuss the City Council’s Amendment to the Charter (sponsored by Councilmember Christine Nagle), which would (1) allow non-citizen’s to vote only for municipality officials, and (2) for the City to maintain its own voter registration database.

There were no amendments to the agenda.

Six Questions Presented

Meeting process was established for informative purpose only. Process was (1) show of hands in favor of each question; (2) discussion of each question (in favor only); (3) second round of votes by show of hands in favor of each question.

The number of votes recorded in the second round are as follows:

  1. City Voter List? Should the City establish its own requirements and dedicate funds to maintain its own list of voters who meet City voting requirements? 5 Votes
  2. Only U.S. Citizens? Should the City continue to limit the right to vote in City elections only to residents who are also citizens of the United States? 14 Votes
  3. Green Card?  Should Permanent Residents of College Park who have a ‘Green Card’ issued by the United States be allowed to vote in City elections? 7 Votes.
  4. Visa?  Should citizens of other countries who hold a visa issued by the United States be allowed to vote in City elections? 0 Votes.
  5. Everyone?  Should everyone who lives in the City, including undocumented citizens of other countries, be allowed to vote in City elections? 8 Votes.
  6. Referendum?  Should the proposed Charter amendment be added as a non-binding referendum on the 2017 City election ballot? 21 Votes.

Vice President Report

  • NCPCA needs to increase its membership that is currently at 50.

Treasury Report

Current status:

  • Savings $1025.77
  • Checking $188.78
  • Total: $1214.55


  • NCPCA Officers had an organizational meeting on July 10th.
  • Archived documents can be stored and locked in a cabinet located in Davis Hall.
  • August 1 National Night Out was successful even though there was a heavy rain storm.
  • Cutting ribbon for the upgraded Duval Field is planned for September.
  • The City Council will be voting on the Charter Amendment August 8.  If you want your voice heard, write your Council person before the 8th.
  • The Old Parish House will be celebrating its 200th anniversary September 15-17.
  • Compost Bins can be purchased for $20 by calling the City’s Public Works office.
  • Yard Waste Bins can be purchased for $25.
  • “Pick Up” Stickers for the bins are available.
  • University of Maryland Office of Community Engagement is holding Dental Services at Xfinity Center September 8 & 10.
  • The City’s Greenteam will hold an event at the Community Center on September 15 @ 7:00 pm. Volunteers are needed.
  • John Pedevillano, Purple Heart Recipient and long-term resident of the City, will receive a proclamation by the Mayor at the Aug 8 Council mtg.
  • County Council Member Tom Dernoga is running for re-election.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 pm.

Respectfully Submitted by
Judy Gail Blumenthal, Ph.D.


Regular Meeting on June 8, 2017

Minutes of Regular Meeting on June 8, 2017

Meeting began at 7:37 pm.  Mayor Patrick Wojahn and City Councilmembers Fazlul Kabir, Christine Nagle and Mary Cook were present.


Moved by Jaime Lark/Arelis Pérez: Adopt the minutes of NCPCA May 11 meeting with corrections; motion passed.

Jackie Pearce-Garrett introduced Moriah James, a UMd student majoring in anthropology who is working on a project to record stories of the Hollywood neighborhood. Those interested in contributing their stories should contact her at or by phone at 410-689-9982.

Treasurer Eric Hoffman reported a current balance of $1,074.21; $70 of this was from recent dues, not including those paid tonight.  There were no other officer reports.


Legislative Update

MD Sen. Jim Rosapepe distributed a legislative summary then spoke to members about accomplishments this legislative session. He then took questions from the floor.

New Business

Traffic and Congestion

Jackie Pearce-Garrett opened the floor to members so they could voice their opinion on what areas of northern College Park have traffic or congestion problems and NCPCA leaders could plan when to hold a meeting and whom to invite. A lively discussion followed.

Issues and areas of concern included: the intersection of Hollywood Rd. and Rhode Island Ave., driver behavior and driving on the shoulder of Rhode Island Avenue, pedestrian crossing safety and need for enforcement of flashing pedestrian lights on Rhode Island Avenue, possible lower speed limit of 30 or 25 mph on Rhode Island Ave., speed humps on Rhode Island Ave. service roads, back areas of neighborhoods need stop sign enforcement, need for stop sign enforcement at Edgewood and 51st Ave., traffic blocking the intersection at US 1 and Edgewood Rd. (southbound US 1 turning left on Edgewood Road), and a State Highway Administration study that might include a wider median on Greenbelt Rd. for pedestrian crossing.

Jackie formed a committee to look into these and more traffic and congestion issues.

Recent Campus Murder of Richard Collins and How to Respond

The persons who requested this agenda item were not present, and there was no NCPCA resolutions.


Jackie gave the floor to Larry Bleau to conduct the annual elections. The nominees for office were John Krouse (President), Lisa Ealley (Vice President), Judy Blumenthal (Secretary), and Arelis Pérez (Treasurer). For each office additional nominations were solicited, and upon hearing none nominations were closed and members voted to elect by acclamation. They newly elected officers took office at the close of the meeting.


Jackie Pearce-Garrett presented Larry Bleau with a certification of appreciation and some gift cards in thanks for his 20 years as an officer of NCPCA.  Upcoming events: 6/10 Edible College Park will meet and discuss permaculture; 6/10 the Museum of Language will meet 2-4; 6/10 Animal Welfare Committee will meet; 6/10 VFW will host a fundraising pig roast to aid one of its members; 6/14 at YFS a presentation of the Hollywood Commercial District plan; in August State Highway Commission will discuss with Council the intersection of Edgewood and US 1; 6/17 Neighbors Helping Neighbors, a new volunteer group, will meet at United Methodist Church; Meals On Wheels needs volunteers to prepare meals (9am-12pm), 1-5 days/week, contact us at 301-474-1002.

The meeting adjourned with a motion from Larry Bleau.

Prepared by Larry Bleau, Former Secretary.

Regular Meeting on May 11, 2017

Minutes of Regular Meeting on May 11, 2017

Meeting began at 7:30 pm.  Councilmembers Mary Cook, Fazlul Kabir and Christine Nagle were present.  Mayor Patrick Wojahn was also present.

A motion to adopt the minutes of NCPCA April meeting without change passed.


Carrollton Enterprises

William Steen, VP for External Affairs at Carrollton Enterprises, spoke to those assembled about changes coming to the Hollywood Shopping Center.  REI has closed its store there, and MOMs signed a 20-25 year lease to move into the vacated space.  They will add a cafe named The Naked Cafe and will have Mighty Pet, a part of MOMs, as a third component.  They should open in September.  There are four candidates for MOM’s current location; the name of the new tenant will not be disclosed until one of them is chosen.  MOMs, as the anchor tenant, can place restrictions on who or what type of businesses can operate at the shopping center.  The Farmers Market has about 10-15 vendors.  A mobile clinic, operated out of Doctors Hospital, will be at the shopping center Thursdays 9-4.  If there is any projected traffic increase Carrollton Enterprises will inform the City.

Community Garden

Kate Kennedy, a Master Gardener intern, gave a short update on and took questions about the new community garden, located behind the Blue Tech Cleaners building.  Several plots are available to gardeners, cost $15/yr, which includes water and integrated pest management; call Steve Beavers for more info.  Search for “grow it eat it” for more information about what to grow or contact the Maryland Extension Service.  Contact Kate for more info at 202-400-1501 (cell) or email her .

Reports and Announcements

Treasurer Eric Hoffman reported a current balance of $994; no expenditures have been paid since the last meeting.  There were no other officer reports.

New Business

Dues Discussion

Members discussed possibly raising the dues, currently at $5/yr/member plus $5/yr for postal delivery of minutes and agenda.  No one spoke in favor of increasing the dues.  President Jackie Pearce-Garrett asked for volunteers to print and mail the hardcopies rather than relying on officers; Arelis Perez, a new member, offered to do so if there were fewer than 25 to mail.

Nominations and Elections

John Krouse reported that the committee now has candidates for all offices.


Mayor Patrick Wojhan arrived just before the meeting closed; he and Fazlul made several announcements: 5/20 community clean-up at the shopping center at 9am;  there is a big delay on work at the Duvall Field site due to Pepco, no completion date; Davis Hall should be ready to use once more in the fall; Hollywood StreetScape plan will be revised and will come back to the community (the R. I. Ave. service road is owned by County, not City, for example); bids will go out on Hollywood Gateway Park soon; WSSC sewer rehabilitation lines will start soon, call 443-686-1558 for more info; 5/12 4-8pm will be a Senior Art Show at St. Andrews; and 5/18 5-7pm Third Thirsty Thursday at Ledos.

Moved by Eric Hoffman/Jamie Lark: Adjourn. The meeting adjourned at 8:49 pm.

Submitted by Larry Bleau, Secretary.

Regular Meeting on March 9, 2017

Regular Meeting on March 9, 2017

Meeting began at 7:31 pm.  Councilmembers Fazlul Kabir, Christine Nagle, and Mary Cook were present.

Officer Reports

Moved by Eric Hoffman/Matt Dernoga: Adopt the minutes of NCPCA Feb 9 meeting without change; motion passed.

Treasurer Eric Hoffman reported a current balance of $1,003.80.  There were no other officer reports.

Development Update

FBI at Greenbelt Metro

The Detail Site Plan (DSP) for the FBI at Greenbelt Metro has not yet been accepted, so the 60-day window for public comment has not yet started.  City staff and residents had a good workgroup meeting to discuss comments on the Environmental Impact Statement, and therefore NCPCA has requested to use a similar model for review of the DSP.  If the DSP as written is approved the vernal pond goes away and there is no replacement planned.


Fazlul reported that SHA came to the City Council meeting and briefed them on the three plans in the College Park area: 1) Continuous sidewalks on US 1 from the Beltway to MD 193, these will be wider and ADA compliant, they need to acquire right-of-way, 66 properties have been contacted and 63 ROW have been acquired. 2) The Beltway exit ramp at Edgewood and northbound US 1 will be eliminated and the exit ramp to southbound US 1 will be widened to handle northbound traffic as well; Edgewood will be widened to 5 lanes at that point. 3) The access to Rhode Island Ave. southbound from Greenbelt Road (MD 430) will be closed; there will be an island instead.

US 1 Redevelopment

This will be done in 2 phases.  Construction for the southern phase has been funded.  There will be 2 lanes in each direction with a middle median, wider sidewalks, and bike lanes.  There is as yet no funding for the northern phase.

New Business

Shaban Property

Jackie Pearce-Garrett reported that she sent a letter to City Council stating that NCPCA supported a rezoning of the Shaban property to C-S-C but without further discussion because the minutes were not available at the time the letter was transmitted on March 5.  After the letter was sent Mary Cook pointed out that if the zoning rewrite is approved with its current recommendations, the C-S-C zone would be replaced by one of two zones: General Commercial (allows residential density of 48 units/acre) and Neighborhood Commercial (residential density limited to 12 units/acre).  In light of this, members discussed if they should reconsider their previous position, modify it, clarify it, or take no additional action. Note: The rezoning to C-S-C will take place well before the zoning rewrite goes into effect.)


Each year the City Manager asks Councilmembers for wish list items, which he would then incorporate if possible.  Wish list items are due 3/24, the budget is currently in preparation, there will be a budget worksession on 4/8 and 4/22.  If members have ideas they should give them to Council beforehand. In April or May there will be a town hall style meeting in districts 1 and 4 to review the budget with residents.  General themes for wish list items are lighting, safety, plantings, and street furniture.  Council is receptive to a tree canopy survey.

Name Change

Per motions passed at the previous meeting, two proposed amendments to the By-Laws were mailed to members are now to be considered under New Business.

Moved by Eric Hoffman/Matt Dernoga: Amend Article I of the By-Laws to read: “The name of this organization shall be The North College Park Community Association, Inc., hereinafter referred to as “the NCPCA”.”  Motion passed 10-4.

Moved by Arthur Eaton: Amend Article I of the By-Laws to read: “The name of this organization shall be The North College Park Civic Association, Inc., hereinafter referred to as “the NCPCA”.”  Motion failed 4-10.

Note: Costs for the name change, which have not yet been approved, come to about $360: filing fee $125, replacement banner $35, yard signs $200.

Tax Update

Larry Bleau gave members an update on changes in the tax code and how they might affect members.

Child Day Care

Christine Nagel distributed an informational handout about a proposal Council is exploring with the University to operate a day care center at the old Calvert Road school site.  There would be a 40-yr lease, we would be locked in for 10 years, the University would renovate the site, the City would do grounds maintenance.  Children could come from families of University employees and College Park residents, with the mixture based on the ratio of funds contributed to the project, with certain minimums and maximums.  Staff does not yet know if this use will pass the public use test for the property, which was a requirement when the property was deeded to the City.  Public Services, which is currently housed there, will have to move twice.  A public forum will be held on 3/13.  Note: The College Park Academy has a new location: Riverdale Park.


The yard sale planned for 4/1 will be moved to 4/8 with a rain date of 4/22 or cancelled, signs need to be up by 3/20; the District One Coffee Club meets every Wednesday at 9am; 4/1 will be College Park Good Neighbor Day, a UM Outreach initiative.  Also in April will be College Park Day.  In conjunction with this the City is doing a history project of northern College Park with a UM intern assisting.

Moved by Larry Bleau/Jamie Lark: Adjourn.  Motion passed, and the meeting adjourned at 9:30 pm.

Submitted by Larry Bleau, Secretary.

Regular Meeting on April 13, 2017

Minutes of Regular Meeting on April 13, 2017

Meeting began at 7:30 pm.  Councilmembers Fazlul Kabir, Christine Nagle, and Mary Cook were present.  Mayor Patrick Wojahn was also present.

Moved by John Krouse / Jaime Lark to adopt the minutes of NCPCA March meeting without change; motion passed.

Officers Reports

Eric Hoffman reported a balance of $1,003.94.


Hollywood Streetscape Improvements

Terry Schum, Planning Director, and consultants from Flora Teeter presented concepts for the Hollywood StreetScape Improvements. Goals are to make the Hollywood commercial district community friendly, pedestrian and bicycle friendly, and improve landscaping. This is the 30 percent design phase. After getting feedback, the next step is to complete drawings and put the project out to bid. Elements of the design included:

  • Improvements to Rhode Island Avenue (pedestrian and vehicular)
  • Improvements to intersections of Rhode Island Ave and Niagara Rd; Edgewood Rd and Narrangansett Pkwy
  • Create gateways to the commercial district
  • Create a wellness circuit
  • Create parklets along the service road
  • Higher visibility to crosswalks at Edgewood Rd and Rhode Island Ave

Phase 1 would include Rhode Island Ave improvements, wellness circuit, gateways. Phase 2 would include parklets, plantings. Presentation will be given Tues, May 2 at city council work session. Comments may be sent to Terry Schum.

Greenbelt Metro Town Center Parking Garage Detailed Site Plan

The committee for the Detailed Site Plan met with city staff and consultant to review the detailed site plan. Moved by John Krouse and Judy Blumenthal to support the plan with conditions. A friendly amendment was offered by Jackie Pearce Garrett was accepted. The motion passed unanimously. The conditions, in brief, are that floodplain and wetland analysis and mitigation design, and asks that their mitigation be located outside City boundaries; impacts to the vernal pool area of Narragansett Run; all stormwater and wetlands plans and mitigation fully conform with the letter and spirit of relevant laws and regulations; and the Metro garage be designed to reduce and minimize light and noise impacts on residential properties and parks.

New Business

Elections Committee

An elections committee was formed. John Krouse, Arthur Eaton, and Phil Aronson volunteered to serve. Elections will be held in June. The elections committee is responsible for collecting nominations and coordinating the election of officers for the 2017-2018 membership year.


A motion was made by John Krouse / Judy Blumenthal to support three budget items: Youth and Family Services meeting room improvement, a Homeowners Resource fund, and a College Park infrastructure study. The motion passed unanimously.

Reports and Announcements

The Community Garden build took place on Saturday April 15. The Hollywood Farmers is back. Grand opening is Saturday May 2. The budget town hall for North College Park is Monday April 24. Park Run is a free weekly timed 5K that takes place along the trail behind Rita’s. The College Park 5K is Saturday May 6. Third Thirsty Thursday is the third Thursday of every month at Ledo’s.

Moved by Eric Hoffman / Arthur Eaton to adjourn.  The meeting adjourned 9:10 pm.

Submitted by Jackie Pearce Garrett, President

Regular Meeting on February 9, 2017

Minutes of Regular Meeting on February 9, 2017

Meeting began at 7:30 pm.  Councilmembers Fazlul Kabir, Christine Nagle and Mary Cook and Mayor Patrick Wojhan were present.

Officer Reports

Treasurer Eric Hoffman reported a current balance of $998.68.  The SECU debit card is now working.

Moved by John Krouse/Jamie Lark: Adopt the minutes of NCPCA January meeting without change; motion passed.

President Jackie Pearce-Garrett reported that last September Corvias presented about 7 stormwater projects, and now there is only one, at Attic Towers. Regarding the stormwater management pond, the NCPCA committee sent a detailed letter and has been told that it will not happen.  Steve Carter is the new division chief for operations in the northern area.  He has said that M-NCPPC will put two new picnic tables in Hollywood Park, purchase one more grill (to make two), will add a new sign at the southern entrance, and replace the sign at the northern entrance.  Trash receptacles will be replaced later and recycling containers will be added.


Shaban Property Rezoning

The 4-parcel property is located at the northwest corner of Edgewood Rd. and Rhode Island Ave. between Edgewood and Nantucket and currently contains the small shopping center (2 parcels), the Blue Tech Cleaners in what used to be a gas station and a vacant field (one parcel each). In 2010 the latter two parcels were rezoned from CSC to OS (Open Space) without the owner’s consent.  This zoning allows only recreational use; the cleaners may continue but must be continuous.  The owner’s son-in-law came to NCPCA about 3 years ago and requested support to rezone the property back to CSC; NCPCA agreed.  Matthew Tedesco, a zoning attorney representing the owner, spoke to members about the current plans.  The owner filed an application to rezone the property back to CSC using a Zoning Map Amendment, but this never went anywhere.  After conversation with County Planning personnel, the family sensed that rezoning to MUI (Mixed Use Infill) might be more acceptable to County staff.  A new application has been filed to rezone all four parcels to MUI.  This would allow greater density than CSC and a mixture of residential and commercial uses. The goal is to get back to the previous status. On Mar 16 the Planning Board will have a hearing.

Moved by Larry Bleau/John Krouse: Have NCPCA support rezoning the property back to CSC to restore the property owner’s rights to the property as they existed prior to the rezoning.  Motion passed.

Greenbelt Metro Development

The pending DSP (detail site plan) has not yet been accepted; only after its acceptance will the 60-day comment period begin.  The DSP is currently in flux, however, so any response we fashion based on its current formulation may be out of date with what is actually accepted.  GSA is requiring another 2400 parking spaces for each of the finalist sites.  Jackie asks that we work with the City to draft a response.  This DSP, unlike others, is solely for infrastructure, not for buildings are appearance; these will be in a later DSP with another comment period.  The hearing will be on Feb 13, and the GSA will likely decide in mid-March.  John Krouse stated there is a difference between a conceptual site plan (CSP) and a detailed site plan (DSP).  In this DSP the garage will be bigger and the location of the stormwater pond is no longer specified.  There is some question about the stormwater management in the absence of the pond.  The vernal pool is scheduled to be the stormwater channel from the neighborhood to Indian Creek, which would destroy the filtering effect of the vernal pool.  The developer claims they have already mitigated these impacts, but it is unclear where the stormwater management pond would go, since it is not on the plan.

Members authorized John Krouse, Arthur Eaton, Christine Nagle, and Eric Hoffman to work on a response to the DSP.

New Business

Wish List

Jackie asked members to state very briefly ideas they have for the budget wish list.  The responses: parking enforcement funding to support actual permit use; sidewalk and curb consistency and rejuvenation; proper neighborhood lighting; increase street trees; better landscaping in City right-of-way.

Bylaws Amendment

Members briefly discussed possible changes to NCPCA’s official name, which were require a By-Laws amendment and advance notice.  The cost will likely be $100 to $200.  Two possible changes were identified:

Moved by Eric Hoffman/Jackie Pearce-Garrett: Place on the March agenda an amendment to the By-Laws to change the organization’s name to “North College Park Civic Association”.  Motion passed.

Moved by Eric Hoffman/Jackie Pearce-Garrett: Place on the March agenda an amendment to the By-Laws to change the organization’s name to “North College Park Community Association”.  Motion passed.


On 4/1, 7/15, and 9/23, with rain dates the following week, there will be a community yard sale at peoples’ homes; 4/1 is College Park Good Neighbor Day; 2/10 workshop at City Hall for seniors on care around the house; 2/10 breast cancer benefit; 2/11 Al-Huda lunch 11-1.

Moved by Eric Hoffman/David Milligan to adjourn the meeting; motion passed.

Submitted by Larry Bleau, Secretary.

Regular Meeting on January 12, 2017

Minutes of Regular Meeting on January 12, 2017

Meeting began at 7:32pm.  Eric Hoffman presided in the absence of president Jackie Pearce-Garrett. Councilmembers Mary Cook, Fazlul Kabir and Christine Nagle were present.  Mayor Patrick Wojhan was also present.

Moved by John Krouse/Larry Bleau: Adopt the minutes of NCPCA December meeting without change; motion passed.


Tree Canopy

After City Manager Scott Somers opened the presentation, PEPCO Regional Vice President Jerry Pasternak explained the tree trimming and removal process. After severe outages in the past, in 2011 the State passed a law to create reliability standards, and the Public Service Commission implemented this with various regulations. As a result, electric utilities must review their electric lines every 4 years, create a plan to deal with potential problems, finalize the plan, and implement it. Creating the plan involves walking electric lines and checking for growth growing within a clearance area (which depends on line voltage), then noting if trimming or removal is needed and if it is on private land or in the public right-of-way. Prior to finalizing the plan the property owner or appropriate public authority for each tree is contacted and permission is requested to take the indicated action. Trees are never removed or pruned on private property unless the property owner agrees in writing; if they decline, nothing is done. The City has the same right to refuse action on a particular tree. The property owner assumes responsibility for impaired reliability for trees not pruned according to plan. After the plan is finalized the pruning or removal takes place. Different contractors are used for line review and trimming to avoid conflict of interest. PEPCO does not grind stumps, and leaves limbs on the property for the owner to clear. No MD utility grinds stumps or clears cut limbs. The City grinds stumps on public ROW. About 120-130 trees were removed this past year; a 1-to-1 replanting is done at an appropriate location (not necessarily the same place) and with an appropriate species. The City did a tree inventory in 2007, and as part of the Complete Streets project there was a tree inventory in 2012-13.

Stormwater Management Projects

Two area were identified by CORVIAS for possible stormwater management projects: 1) behind the Hollywood Shopping Center along Muskogee, and 2) between Attic Towers and Rhode Island Ave. The former site has a lot of trees that would have to be removed; City Manager Scott Somers is opposed to this site. Both of these are large projects; there is concern that no small projects were identified. CORVIAS will meet with City Council Feb 7.

Hollywood Park Update

John Krouse reported that the City sent a letter to the Dept. of the Environment, Prince Georges County Parks, opposing the creation of a large storm pond in Hollywood Park, and received a response.

John also reported that the Greenbelt Station Detail Site Plan is now available. It shows a parking garage on the current pond, and water would be diverted to the vernal pool area. There would be a lot more water flowing through that area east of the tracks. Essentially, water that previously drained into two areas would, under the DSP, flow into one. It is not apparent where the extra stormwater be mitigated, as it doesn’t seem to be on site. John suspects they were planning to use the large pond proposed for Hollywood Park to mitigate this change. Regardless, this change would have a large impact on north College Park.

In other park news, John noted that the picnic tables are now gone. While they were slated to be replaced, he had hoped the existing tables would remain until the replacements arrived; there is no date for that. There also used to be three grills; there is now only one. He also has questions about the location of the replacement tables.

Yard Sale

This item was skipped since its presenter was absent.

Reports and Announcements

There were no officer reports. Announcements: call Fazlul if you need help shoveling snow; Chris noted there was more crime recently and to call 911 first, then neighbors, and only then use email; Patrick reminded members that, if on vacation, they can request a premises check by the police; the Martin Luther King Day event will be held at Memorial Chapel; the City will be closed on 1/20, Inauguration Day; the Rosapepe on Sunday party will be at the College Park Airport; the community bulletin board has been installed at the entrance to the Metro station, Chris Nagle and Jackie have the keys; REI will close on 2/2.

New Business

Nothing was presented. Members did suggest the following future topics: tax update, beautification projects, park furniture, budget wish list.

Moved by Dave Turley/John Krouse to adjourn; meeting adjourned at 8:53pm.

Submitted by Larry Bleau, Secretary.